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About us

As a technology-driven aggregator and independent distributor of entertainment content — including movies, series, and music — we operate at scale. We collaborate with digital platforms, free and paid TV, cinema chains, and in-flight and in-room entertainment systems worldwide. Videomite is YouTube Enterprise Partner, Facebook Watch Partner, Google Play and Amazon Prime Video Preferred Partner, as well as a Netflix and iTunes Preferred Aggregator. On the music side of the business, we distribute to over 100 platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Deezer, and many others.

To reach scale, we use various technology solutions and API connections with digital platforms. At the same time we integrate with platforms' fingerprinting technologies which enable us to automatically protect the content we distribute.


Our years of expertise and direct partnerships with all major streaming platforms help producers and individual creators to improve performance and increase their earnings effectively. 


Dilek Telkes
Dilek Telkes


Ms. Telkes, a Boğaziçi University graduate in Management from 1998, began her career in the finance sector. She then moved to Microsoft, where she worked for 7 years, before joining Google in 2005 as their first employee in Turkey. During her 8-year tenure at Google, she played a pivotal role in launching three offices in Latin America and was involved in other significant projects. In 2013, Dilek ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Videomite

Milena Djuricic
Milena Djuricic


Ms. Djuričić, a graduate of Communications from the University of Belgrade in 1999, has dedicated her entire career to the technology industry. Prior to investing in Videomite, she spent eight years as an entrepreneur in the IT sector, where she successfully sold one of her startups. Her extensive experience includes seven years at Google and three years at Yandex, holding various executive regional positions. Milena joined Videomite in 2018.

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