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Radio Television of Serbia on YouTube (Eurovision Song Contest)

Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) is a member of the Eurovision network and the oldest public broadcaster in the region. RTS has been responsible for selecting Serbia's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest through various national competition formats, including "Pesma za Evroviziju." In this format, artists and songwriters from across Serbia submit their entries to compete in a televised national final.

This format not only engages the Serbian audience but also promotes the country's musical diversity on an international stage at the Eurovision Song Contest.

When Videomite assumed control of all the YouTube channels for Radio Television of Serbia (RTS), we collaborated closely with RTS to facilitate a seamless live stream of the national competition for the Eurovision Song Contest on YouTube. This was in addition to the traditional TV broadcast. By working hand in hand, we ensured that the event could be accessed globally, providing a high-quality streaming experience that complemented the established television coverage. This move was aimed at expanding the event’s reach and making it more accessible to international audiences through digital platforms.

Live stream on YouTube channel for Eurovision Song representative reached 640,000 viewers in 3 hrs.


This was the first live stream on any of Radio Television of Serbia’s YouTube channels and it was risky to do it for the event that has international audience.

Audience was teased by YouTube shorts for a month before the live stream. YouTube Community Tab was extensively used in order to create engagement and increase number of subscribers. Live stream premiere was scheduled 5 days before the event that created instantaneous engagement in the Live Chat.

Real-time update of the Blocked words list was extremely important to keep the family safe status and reputation of the event.

Preformance Stats

view growth.jpg


Peak concurrent viewers on live stream

watch time growth.jpg


Growth in total

channel subscribers in one month

audience growth.jpg


Of live stream viewers came from abroad



Countries had songs from Serbian contest in trending around the world 🔥

Post-Live Stream Highlights

Following the completion of all three live streams for the Eurovision Song Contest selection process, we created numerous Shorts highlighting key moments from the competition. These Shorts successfully attracted more viewers to the finished streams, boosting engagement and broadening the content's reach.

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