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Karşıyım by Sezen Aksu

New Sezen Aksu's music video for the song "Karşıyım" was produced by Videomite and it is streaming on her official YouTube channel.

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About Videomite

We are: YouTube Enterprise Partner, Google Play and Amazon Prime Video Preferred Partner, Netflix and iTunes Preferred Aggregator. On the music side of business we distribute to more than 100 different platforms like Spotify, Apple, Deezer and many more.


Our expertise and direct partnerships with all major streaming platforms help producers and individual creators to improve performance and increase their earnings effectively. We also assist brands to creatively tell their stories by incorporating them natively into the content we produce.

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As YouTube Certified Partner, Videomite provides managed services to production houses and content owners who want to earn more and reach a wider audience. We have both entertainment and music types of YouTube CMS; therefore, we can equally protect video and music assets. 

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